Category: Joint Ventures

Sep 13

Joint Venture Secrets to Leverage Social Media

Social Media is a great tool for Joint Ventures. You can use social media to find potential Joint Venture (JV) Partners. You can build and maintain JV relationships through social media. And you can even coordinate JV’s using social media. It starts with a mindset for developing Joint Venture relationships. One mental block that people …

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Jun 01

Creating Information Products to Monetize your Expertise

If you want to position yourself as an expert, consider creating an Information Product. It’s a great way to add value and monetize your expertise. I had a great discussion with Anna Scheller, Host of the Black Belt Selling Radio Show. We talked about strategies to leverage your knowledge and convert into a profit center. …

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Dec 02

5 Reasons to Generate Positive Publicity

Strive to Generate Positive Publicity in the Media

As a business owner, one of your goals is to reach more people. You have a message you want to share with the world. That message communicates information about what’s important to you. It’s a message that will attract your ideal clients. And every day, in some way, you want to share that message. What …

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Nov 06

3 Amazing Strategies to Joint Venture with Influential People

Small businesses often struggle to reach people with their message. A great way to get in front of more people is to find people you can partner with. A Joint Venture (JV) is simply a technique for two or more people to collaborate for mutual benefit. Here are 3 great strategies to Joint Venture with …

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