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The challenge for most entrepreneurs is that they do not have a clear plan of action when it comes to marketing their business.

Business owners often end up spending too much money on expensive and ineffective strategies. Instead they often miss out on more effective and less expensive strategies.

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How To Write a Subject Line that Grabs Attention

A subject line is potentially the most important element of an email message. Why? Because the subject line is what a subscriber sees in their inbox. It determines whether they will open the message or send it to trash. Don’t worry though. I have a few suggestions to help you write better subject lines. Here …

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Add Statistics to Make Your Emails More Credible

When writing, one best practice is to verify the content of the articles or information you are reading. As a writer, strive to make your messages more accurate by supporting ideas with facts and statistics. Around 80% of people check their email messages daily. In fact, the average person receives from 100 to 120 emails …

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Make Your Email Copy Concise and Conversational

Would you like people to read your marketing emails and take action? An effective approach is to write clearly and simply. Concise language is plain and simple.  Use the most effective words to get straight to the point. Eliminate unnecessary phrases.  Write in an active voice. Here are 3 Techniques to Write Results-Oriented Emails: Tip …

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Strategies to Add More Subscribers to Your Email List

One of the challenges of email marketing is growing your list. It’s difficult. You have to be very deliberate and strategic if you want to add more subscribers. Is your email list growing or shrinking? If you are not adding new subscribers to your list, your list will shrink. People will opt out over time.  …

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