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Nov 01

Tips to Create a Banner Ad to Sell a Product Online

There are many strategies that will help you generate leads and earn sales online. An often overlooked technique can help to steer traffic in your direction. You can create a banner ad and link out to a lead capture page or sales page. A banner ad gets attention because it is visual. People are accustomed …

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Apr 29

Why You Need to Create an Information Product

In today’s environment, online marketing is a critical component to achieve small business success. You need to generate leads and earn sales online. You need a free offer available on a Lead Capture Page. You need sales pages to give people an opportunity to buy your products and services. And you need to a method …

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Oct 21

Tips to Generate More Sales Online

Are you making money online? Or, do you struggle with trying to generate sales on the internet? Sometimes online marketing can seem like a bit of a mystery. It’s easy to slap something together quickly and post it online. But, do you think it’s really going to generate the same results as a well-planned strategy? …

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Nov 08

Grab Attention with a Compelling Headline

Headline writing tips

Copywriting is an art as much as it is a science. It takes commitment and creativity to craft copy that will engage your reader. You need to know who you’re speaking to and what their needs are. One of the most important elements of any copy is the headline. And whether you are writing a …

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