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Apr 17

3 Reasons to Create an Online Video

Online video is a great tool to help attract clients. It doesn’t have to be complicated to create videos. Keep it simple. Create short 2-3 minute videos and post them on YouTube. If you don’t already have a YouTube Channel, go ahead and create one now. Remember that Google owns YouTube so you will need …

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Aug 23

Amazing Technique to Reach Clients with a Laser Focused Message

One of the challenges people have when using Facebook is that they post generic messages that are not customized to a specific audience. As a result, they don’t really get the results they want. Learn a very powerful technique which will allow you to reach a targeted audience with your message. Watch the video below …

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May 13

Reaching your Ideal Clients

Hand Reaching

Once you identify your ideal clients, it becomes much easier to actually find them. Instead of thinking everyone is your ideal client, you can be selective. Make your Message MeaningfulThere are many places you can find your ideal clients. You can meet them in person at events. You can connect with them online through social …

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Feb 07

Get Rich in your Niche!

Have you selected a niche to market your services? Niche marketing is one of the most effective ways to build a successful business. Why? Because it’s all about focus. For too many years, I tried to be everything to everybody. And I learned the hard way, it just doesn’t work. It helps to focus your …

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