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Sep 20

Speaker Marketing Tips to Book Interviews

As a public speaker, you should take advantage of every opportunity to speak. Not just at live events, but also through the media as well. One simple, repeatable strategy is to book interviews. Here are 3 reasons Why Interviews Are So Effective: 1. Interviews position you as an expert By simply showing up for an …

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Dec 02

5 Reasons to Generate Positive Publicity

Strive to Generate Positive Publicity in the Media

As a business owner, one of your goals is to reach more people. You have a message you want to share with the world. That message communicates information about what’s important to you. It’s a message that will attract your ideal clients. And every day, in some way, you want to share that message. What …

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Oct 24

Rick Cooper Appears on Black Belt Selling Radio

Social Media Marketing Expert Rick Cooper will be featured on Black Belt Selling Radio on October 24th at 10:30am Pacific. The show is hosted by Anna and Stephanie Scheller. About Anna Scheller: Anna Scheller is a dynamic speaker with a heart to help people create more sales. As an educator for over 20 years, Anna …

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Jul 27

Insider Secrets to Get Publicity

Marketing, advertising, promotion and publicity are all methods to create visibility and get your message out there. It’s a common mistake for small business owners to focus on one area and miss out on other opportunities. One of the least understood methods to generate visibility is through publicity. What’s confusing for most people is that …

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Jul 15

How to Influence People Through Public Speaking

Do you have a message to share with the world? Would you like to use public speaking to attract new clients? As a speaker, I seek out opportunities to speak to groups about online marketing and social media. For the last few years, I have attended meetings of theSacramento Speakers Network. This is an amazing …

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Jul 08

Tips to Attract Customers With a Free Report

To be successful using Online Marketing, you will benefit from implementing Content Marketing strategies. Content is information that adds value to your ideal clients. Content marketing is creating content to attract clients online. One of the best ways to attract new customers is to simply create great content and share it online. An example is …

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Jun 10

Tips to Select a Domain Name for your Website

One of the most important decisions you can make in your online marketing efforts is to select a domain name. A lot rides on whether you pick a good domain. You want to make it memorable so people will remember it. You want it be keyword focused so that people searching on search engines will …

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Apr 24

How to Record a Video

Are you interested in leveraging the power of video in your business? Here’s a simple idea: Create one video per month. Upload it to YouTube. Share it on social media. If you can do more than that great. By making a commitment to create at least one video per month, it will allow you start …

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Jul 03

Social Bookmarking Sites to Drive More Visitors to Your Blog

A simple tool you can use to get more traffic to your website is social bookmarking sites. You can bookmark web pages in your browser, but only you can see them. A social bookmarking site is similar, but other people can see your bookmarks. As you can imagine, there is some real potential here to …

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Oct 17

Attraction Marketing Secrets: Book a Radio Interview

While print media coverage can have a long life, radio interviews can help you communicate a message and develop trust and rapport with a large audience. The media loves people that can communicate a clear message quickly and easily with a little personality. 1. Select your message To get an interview on the radio, you …

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