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Oct 10

Improving SEO on your WordPress Website Using Image Files

Improving SEO on your Site Using Image Files to Improve your Ranking on Google

I think people sometimes think there is some type of magic involved in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Yes, SEO is confusing. That’s why SEO experts charge companies thousands of dollars per year to rank high on Google. As a small business owner, these services are likely outside your budget. So, what is the average small …

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Jan 29

6 Keys to Optimize your WordPress Blog Posts

WordPress is a powerful tool to publish information online. As a blogger, you have an opportunity to share tips, strategies and techniques that will position you as an expert and attract clients online. At the heart of a WordPress site are blog posts. That is the content that will attract traffic online from search engines. …

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Apr 20

Drive Traffic by Commenting on Blogs

Blog Commenting

There are many reasons to become a blogger. One of the best is simply to generate leads. And yet, the challenge is always to get people to your blog. You can’t generate a lead unless someone lands on your web page. So, once you are in the habit of blogging and you have the ability …

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Nov 24

Attraction Marketing Secrets: How to Use your Blog to Attract Clients

Posting to a blog is a great way to attract clients. The internet is an amazing source of information and you can provide value by writing a blog and sharing your expertise. People often turn to blogs because they contain specialized information. You can build an audience and attract clients if you post quality content …

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Sep 03

Time for a Change – How to Improve your Blog

Improve your blog

Make your blog more relevant and effective. Have you ever felt like your blog was ready for a facelift? What’s holding you back from making the change? I recently decided to make some changes to my blog. I just felt like it wasn’t looking as good as it could. How long did it take me …

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