Tag: trust and rapport

Jun 16

Focus on Adding Value

Many years ago, I learned a valuable principle that I follow to this day. It is simple and yet it’s powerful. It is based on the fact that people do business with people they know, like and trust. So, how do you build trust and rapport? By implementing this simple principle: Focus on adding value. …

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May 20

Using Email to Build Trust and Rapport

Email marketing is a powerful tool to build trust and rapport. I just recorded a great video to share a few valuable ideas you can implement immediately. Watch this Video Now!   Rick Cooper Online Marketing and Social Media Trainer

Jun 05

Are You Leveraging Email to Build Trust and Rapport?

Email Leveraging

One of the best tools you can use to develop customer relationships is email. It offers the possibility to create an ongoing relationship by communicating information and providing value. Are you leveraging email to grow your business? Do you consistently send email messages to your list? Do you mail to everyone at once, or do …

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May 10

5 Tips to Develop Rapport through Email

One of the greatest assets you have as a business owner is your customer list or database. That includes all of your clients, prospects and members of your network. It’s anyone you can communicate with to add value and promote your business. One of the ways to communicate with customers and prospects is through email. …

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