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Jan 21

Where to Focus your Marketing for Growth

Are you focused? Are you taking the right actions to accomplish your goals? Would you like to increase sales and build your client base? Let’s consider a few of the sales and marketing tasks you should be completing on a weekly basis. Here are 3 Critical Sales and Marketing Tasks You Should Focus on: 1. …

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Nov 02

4 Tips for Posting LinkedIn Updates

Did you realize that LinkedIn has a newsfeed just like Facebook? You can post updates and people can like, comment and share. Surprisingly, very few people actually make use of this valuable feature. Not only that, some of your activity on LinkedIn will also appear in the newsfeed. So, what should you post on LinkedIn? …

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May 26

Tips to Promote your Webinar on Facebook

Hosting a Webinar is a great way to position yourself as an expert, add value and lead people to a next step in working with you. Learn how to use Facebook to promote your webinars in the video below. Click below to watch the video… The video above was recorded live on Periscope. Click here …

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Jul 11

Rick Cooper Interview on the Fit Pro Business Podcast

I was featured recently on the Fit Pro Business Podcast hosted by Andy Salazar. Andy Salazar is a Fitness Expert, an Author and a Business Coach for Fitness Trainers. His goal is to provide daily useful sales, marketing, and fitness building tips that are working in the fitness industry and that have helped him build …

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Feb 24

Tips to Use Facebook Friend Lists to Create New Engagement

Do you ever scroll through the Facebook Newsfeed and wonder why you keep seeing posts from the same people over and over? Doesn’t it feel like you should be seeing posts from other people, but it’s like they are not even posting? Well, thank you Facebook for hiding people’s posts from view! NOT! The GOOD …

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Oct 24

Rick Cooper Appears on Black Belt Selling Radio

Social Media Marketing Expert Rick Cooper will be featured on Black Belt Selling Radio on October 24th at 10:30am Pacific. The show is hosted by Anna and Stephanie Scheller. About Anna Scheller: Anna Scheller is a dynamic speaker with a heart to help people create more sales. As an educator for over 20 years, Anna …

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Oct 22

6 Strategies to Leverage Facebook Groups

One of the secrets to build an effective network on Facebook is to use Facebook Groups. You can find friends, business associates, potential clients and Joint Venture Partners within Facebook Groups. You need a strategy to find Facebook groups, post to them and build relationships. And you need a method to determine when to add …

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Sep 02

Social Media is Easy When You Remember these 80 Rules

People ask me all the time what do they need to do to get results on social media. Good question. The fact of the matter is that social media is just like any other marketing. It requires having a clear strategy and a plan. You need to be consistent in your social media marketing. You …

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Aug 23

Amazing Technique to Reach Clients with a Laser Focused Message

One of the challenges people have when using Facebook is that they post generic messages that are not customized to a specific audience. As a result, they don’t really get the results they want. Learn a very powerful technique which will allow you to reach a targeted audience with your message. Watch the video below …

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