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May 21

3 Keys to Use Online Video to Drive Traffic to your Site

Would you benefit from creating a series of videos that educate potential clients? Absolutely! Yet, why do so few business owners actually take the time to create videos? Some business owners are uncomfortable appearing on video. Others simply don’t know what to say. Video is a great tool for promotion. I encourage you to create …

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Apr 17

3 Reasons to Create an Online Video

Online video is a great tool to help attract clients. It doesn’t have to be complicated to create videos. Keep it simple. Create short 2-3 minute videos and post them on YouTube. If you don’t already have a YouTube Channel, go ahead and create one now. Remember that Google owns YouTube so you will need …

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May 07

The Power of Simplicity

Think about your marketing. What are you doing that’s repeatable and duplicatable? There is a power in simplicity. Too often we try to make things too complex. This is bad. You will be much more likely to repeat something that is simple. When I coach clients, I’m often surprised at how much they are doing …

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Apr 14

Lou Bortone is the April 15th Guest on Attracting Ideal Clients Show

Tune in on April 15th for Attracting Ideal Clients, aired on BlogTalkRadio. We'll be talking about visibility, exposure and awareness of a Strong Brand especially in a weak economy.Attracting Ideal Clients on BlogTalkRadio. Building a Strong Brand in a Weak EconomyApril 15th (Episode 27)3pm Pacific / 5pm Central / 6pm Eastern In today’s tumultuous economy …

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