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Dec 30

Why You Fail to Achieve your Goals and How to Improve your Return on Investment

Have you set some big goals for yourself? Do you feel motivated to accomplish your goals? Let’s set aside the motivation to accomplish your goals and instead focus on the aspect of getting things done. The Problem Anyone can set a big goal. Few people will actually follow through and complete it. Instead, they whine …

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Dec 21

7 Reasons You Didn’t Achieve Your Goals

Year-end is a time of reflection. And it’s also a good idea to evaluate your progress at the end of each week and month. The process of reflection can be enlightening. Taking time to review your goals and your results helps you to understand how intentional you were. What is the point of setting goals …

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May 03

8 Excellent Strategies to Accomplish your Dreams and Live an Amazing Life

You are an amazing person and you are capable of so much! Are you living up to your full potential? There is a value in getting very clear about your goals and dreams and then taking action to accomplish them. Download a copy of Rick Cooper’s Free Audio Program on 8 Excellent Strategies to Accomplish …

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Oct 16

Achieve your Goals and Become More

How often do you sit down and write out your goals? It’s a good idea to establish a periodic, consistent goal-setting process. For example, you can set goals on a monthly basis. Then, throughout the month, review your goals and identify specific action steps. What happens when you work to achieve your goals? Henry David …

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