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Sep 09

10 Tips to Attain Expert Status

You are an expert! Does that ring true for you? For many people, they are clear about what their expertise is and it’s easy for them to communicate information to their audience that positions them as an expert and attracts customers. For others, it may not be so clear. If you know you’re an expert, …

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Jun 19

A Great Tip to Get More Friends on Facebook

What are doing to grow your network on Facebook? You have to be careful not to be too aggressive in adding friends because Facebook will penalize you. Would you like a few simple tips to grow your network by actually attracting people to you? Then, watch this video. By the way, if you attend local …

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Mar 12

Build Brand Awareness through Social Media

You’re investing a lot of time on social media, but are you creating leverage through social sharing? Post, monitor and engage. These are the techniques that help to drive interaction, add friends and get results. You also have an opportunity to create awareness for your business. Create Branded Images You can create images to post …

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Nov 11

Developing your Social Media Influence

Michele Jennae is Founder of influenSPHERE, a company dedicated to helping people strategically expand their sphere of influence. I first met Michele through Twitter. I liked her posts on Twitter and started retweeting her posts. She retweeted some of my posts too. Social media makes it easy to share someone else’s content. I share other …

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Jul 07

How to Create a Facebook Event

One of the ways to create visibility through social media is to create an event on Facebook. If you have an event, then you can promote it on Facebook and then link out to a registration page. The benefit is that this will create social proof and will provide an opportunity for viral marketing. Here …

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Mar 22

Article Marketing Tips to Attract your Ideal Clients

People often ask me what is a good strategy to position them as an expert online. There are many strategies that will do this. One of the fastest and easiest is to simply write an article. An article is about 400 to 600 words. You should focus on one topic and keep it simple. I …

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May 24

Social Media Tips to Network Online

Social Media offers huge potential to market your business online. But, that doesn't mean you should just spam people. You need to connect, develop relationships and add value. In this video I share several critical ideas to help you leverage social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Watch this Video Now! Rick Cooper Online Marketing …

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May 22

Build a Community Online

Social media allows you to create a community online. Position yourself as an expert and you will attract people to you. People are drawn to experts. They seek knowledge and enlightenment. They want answers. And they’re excited to be around people who are up to big things. There are several ways to build a community …

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May 19

The Sales Results Expert now on Twitter

Social media and social networking is one of the best ways to reach your ideal client. It’s a great way to stay in touch with people and get your message out there. I belong to many social networks. You’ll find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Marzar, MySpace, NowLive, BlogTalkRadio, Plaxo Pulse, Ryze and many others. I …

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