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Aug 03

Double your Blog Posts in the Next 86 Days

They say that Content is King. Content is information that adds value. Creating content positions you as an expert and attracts clients online. Are you a blogger? If not, what are you waiting for? This is not a time to be squeamish! Roll up your sleeves and dive in. Let’s do this thing! The key …

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Aug 20

3 Blogging Tips to Attract More Clients

A blog is simply one of the best content marketing platforms available to you. Content marketing allows you to attract people searching for information. And not only that, it will attract your ideal clients. A blog can help to establish your authority. By posting to a blog, you will become known in your space (your …

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May 07

The Power of Simplicity

Think about your marketing. What are you doing that’s repeatable and duplicatable? There is a power in simplicity. Too often we try to make things too complex. This is bad. You will be much more likely to repeat something that is simple. When I coach clients, I’m often surprised at how much they are doing …

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Mar 28

Capitalize on your Knowledge

Capitalize on your Knowledge

What are you doing to leverage the knowledge you have to grow your business? You have a unique skill set and information that other people want to know. Are you really using that information strategically? There are many ways that you can use the information in your head to communicate and educate clients and prospects. …

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Nov 05

Keys to Create Content for your Blog

How to create content for blog

One of the challenges most bloggers face is what to write about on their blog. Internet expert Joel Comm writes about this subject on his blog. In his post, “How to Decide What to Write About,” Joel states: “People are always search for how-to do this or that. Just go to Google and search for …

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Nov 25

Blogging Tips from Havi Brooks

Destuckification Expert Havi Brooks has written a whole series of posts on Blogging Therapy. She offers some great suggestions on how to overcome writer’s block. Her breezy style of writing grabs your attention and pulls you in. Havi is a master of attraction!