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Feb 17

How to Use Articles to Get More Visitors to your Website

Would you like to get more visitors to your website? A simple technique to increase traffic to your site is to write articles. An article contains about 400 to 600 words and should focus on a topic that appeals to your ideal clients. You can post your articles on an Article Directory like EzineArticles.com. Here …

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Dec 02

4 Tips to Create Content to Attract Customers Online


Marketing is about communication. It’s about sharing a message that connects with your audience. People like to do business with people they Know, Like and Trust. How do you build Trust and Rapport? One simple way is through creating content. You need to create information (written, audio and video) and post it online. Content is …

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Oct 14

Article Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Visibility

Are you taking enough action to get visitors to your website? Improving your online marketing results starts with taking frequent action to create content and post it on the internet. Every time you post something on the internet, be sure to include a link back to your site. And don’t just include a link to …

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Mar 22

Article Marketing Tips to Attract your Ideal Clients

People often ask me what is a good strategy to position them as an expert online. There are many strategies that will do this. One of the fastest and easiest is to simply write an article. An article is about 400 to 600 words. You should focus on one topic and keep it simple. I …

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Mar 28

Capitalize on your Knowledge

Capitalize on your Knowledge

What are you doing to leverage the knowledge you have to grow your business? You have a unique skill set and information that other people want to know. Are you really using that information strategically? There are many ways that you can use the information in your head to communicate and educate clients and prospects. …

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Feb 21

Find More Clients on the Internet

Find Clients on Internet

One of the common challenges facing most businesses, and particularly professional services businesses, is to find clients. A cost effective and simple strategy you can use to find clients is to leverage the power of the internet. What is the most effective way you have found so far to get clients? Select this one strategy …

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