Jun 29

Sharing Content to Demonstrate your Expertise

Sharing Content to DemonstrateWhen you declare yourself an expert, the next step is to begin creating content. Experts are knowledgeable. They have information and want to share it with others.

Some of the more advanced marketing strategies all depend on having content. Public speaking, teleseminars, webinars and information products all depend on having great content to be effective.

Here are 3 quick tips to get started on creating content and teaching others:

1) Come from a space of wanting to teach

I love to teach. I have a journal and I write ideas in it about what I would like to share with others. I have a desire to teach others. If you don’t currently see yourself as a teacher, think again. Change begins in language. Say to yourself, “I am a teacher.” Adopt this mindset and you will find that there is a joy in teaching.

2) Share golden nuggets

Unfortunately, many people hold back from giving out great content. For whatever reason, they think they should hold back. And as a result, the content they produce is weak. Experts produce great content. And when people see that content, they will want more. And they will be willing to pay for it.

3) Deliver value

Content is king! Information is great and at the same time, it needs to translate into value. When you teach, encourage people to implement the ideas you share. If you can help someone to create a breakthrough, the information you are sharing will have a higher perceived value and that will draw them in like a magnet.

As you can see, creating content will help you on your journey at becoming a highly paid expert in your field. Whether you’re a Coach, a Speaker, a Virtual Assistant, a Professional Organizer, a Web Designer or an expert in any other field, you have what it takes to be successful!

Rick Cooper
Online Marketing Expert

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