Jul 17

Jim Rohn Video Explains the Seasons of Life

Jim RohnOne of my favorite speakers is the late Jim Rohn. He was an amazing inspiration.

One of the great lessons he taught was the Seasons of Life. In fact, he wrote a book about it. He explained how Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall relate to your life. It is a story of inspiration and hope.

I have included 2 versions of Jim Rohn explaining the concept. The first video is short and just gives you an overview. The second video is much longer.

The Seasons of Life (Short Version)

Over the course of your life, you will probably go through periods of time when you are doing well. And you may also encounter times where you face a lot of challenges and can’t seem to make progress.

Jim Rohn referred to this as the Seasons.

Winter – Life is tough and you are beset by challenges.

Spring – You plant the seeds of opportunity.

Summer – Life is going well. Opportunity is taking root.

Fall – You reap the harvest of your seeds of opportunity, but winter is looming on the horizon.

This is the time to celebrate, but not for long.

Where are you in your life right now?

Everyone is in a different place.

Some people are stuck in winter for years.

The Seasons of Life (Long Version)

NOTE: Jim was a frequent speaker for Herbalife. In this video, he mentions the company multiple times since he was speaking at a company event.

What experiences have you had in your life that you can relate back to one of the 4 seasons?

Please share your thoughts in a comment below.

Rick Cooper
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