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Jun 23

Time Management Tips to Plan a Productive Day

Are you productive and effective? Many people struggle with getting things done. Watch my video below and learn tips and strategies to manage your time. The video above was recorded live on Periscope. Click here to visit my Periscope page online. Rick Cooper Online Marketing and Social Media Trainer

May 03

8 Excellent Strategies to Accomplish your Dreams and Live an Amazing Life

You are an amazing person and you are capable of so much! Are you living up to your full potential? There is a value in getting very clear about your goals and dreams and then taking action to accomplish them. Download a copy of Rick Cooper’s Free Audio Program on 8 Excellent Strategies to Accomplish …

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Mar 05

Rick Cooper Interviews Legendary Sales Trainer Ben Gay III

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ben Gay III, author of The Closers series of books. We discussed sales strategies. Ben has an amazing history. Ben worked with Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale and many of the most famous authors and speakers in the personal development field. On the audio recording, Ben also interviewed …

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Feb 06

Ninja Hacks to Leverage Other People’s Time

You have limited time. If you want to increase your results, then you need to create leverage. Leverage is all about doing more with less. So, what can you do to create more leverage? Watch this video now:

Dec 09

Focus on the Mission to Achieve your Goals and Dreams

When you set your mind to accomplish something, how effective are you in staying committed to achieve it? The reality for many small business owners is that they are not committed enough! I am a fan of survival shows. One day I was watching Man, Woman, Wild with former US Army Special Forces survival expert …

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Jul 17

Jim Rohn Video Explains the Seasons of Life

One of my favorite speakers is the late Jim Rohn. He was an amazing inspiration. One of the great lessons he taught was the Seasons of Life. In fact, he wrote a book about it. He explained how Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall relate to your life. It is a story of inspiration and hope. …

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Jul 08

Tips to Identify Failure Points in Your Business and How to Overcome Them

There are areas in your business where you are likely to fail. Do you know what they are? Taking time to evaluate your business systems might reveal potential problems and allow you to improve them. I call these areas failure points. Here’s a quick story to explain the point. One day, I went shopping for …

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May 01

Ready Set Success Video Telesummit with Liz Lasky

Did you know most people don’t know how to truly be successful? Some are just missing the boat when it comes to getting what they want, especially in business, life, and love. Does any of this sound familiar? Another challenge people face is having the dream, vision, or idea but not following through. Can you …

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Sep 16

Networking Secrets to Prospect for Customers at Events

Event marketing is one of the most effective ways to develop rapid relationships with potential customers and clients. And this is especially true for 2-3 day events. For some business owners, this is one of their primary marketing strategies. They are professional event attenders. They find that they can reach a lot of their ideal …

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Aug 22

How to Leverage Other People’s Talents

Are you trying to do everything yourself? One of the problems many business owners face is that they try to do everything on their own. You may enjoy having a variety of work.It might make the day go faster. But, this may not be the best approach for your business. My mentor Eric Lofholm shared …

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