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Sep 27

How to Overcome your LinkedIn Phobia

Are you afraid of LinkedIn? Why is it that people are much more comfortable spending time on Facebook rather than LinkedIn when they would actually get better results from using LinkedIn? There are 6 Common Reasons People have a LinkedIn Phobia: 1. They don’t have an impressive LinkedIn profile LinkedIn more so than Facebook allows …

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Apr 26

How to Create Engagement on Facebook Using Questions

There is a value in creating engagement with members of your social network. Why is it important to create engagement? It’s just like meeting people in person. You will learn a lot more if you talk instead of just staring at each other. There is an art in having conversations offline. And there is an …

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Apr 12

Strategies to Create Buzz Online: Teasers

How do you get people talking online about your product, service or program? As a small business owner, you need to leverage every resource you have available to create buzz online. First, consider that you should not try to create buzz too often. You can wear out your audience with constant hype. It is best …

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Mar 21

How to Prepare for Calls Using Social Media Sites

Social Media is a great tool for building relationships. And not only is it useful for building relationships online, you can also use it to build relationships by phone. You can learn a lot about people just by visiting their social media profiles. You can learn where they live, what they are interested in and …

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Jan 12

Tips to Retweet Content on Twitter

Twitter is easy to use. There is a simplicity in a tweet. Being limited to 140 characters makes it easy for you to create a concise message and share it in the form of a tweet. Why You Should Retweet It’s also easy to retweet content. A retweet is simply sharing someone else’s tweet. Retweeting …

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Dec 12

3 Simple Tips to Create a Video Script

What’s holding you back from creating more videos? Maybe you just don’t know what to say. I have 3 amazing Video Scripting Power Tips to share with you: 1. Write it as a blog post When it comes to scripting a video, pretend like you are writing a blog post. In fact, write a blog …

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Nov 02

4 Tips for Posting LinkedIn Updates

Did you realize that LinkedIn has a newsfeed just like Facebook? You can post updates and people can like, comment and share. Surprisingly, very few people actually make use of this valuable feature. Not only that, some of your activity on LinkedIn will also appear in the newsfeed. So, what should you post on LinkedIn? …

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Oct 26

Save Time and Effort on Social Media Using This Powerful Technique

“You can be professional while also ‘keeping it real’ with your customers. By interacting with customers in a less formal way, you’ll build a strong human connection that helps build brand loyalty.” ~David Hauser One of the challenges business owners have with social media is that they feel the need to respond to everything people …

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Oct 19

How to Play a Bigger Game on Social Media

One of the challenges that small business owners face is that even once they learn how to interact on social media, they often resist posting. Create Awareness and Attract Clients Something causes them to hold back and play small. The problem is that is if you don’t post anything, you just disappear from the social …

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Sep 29

Use Graphics on Social Media to Create Engagement and Attract Clients

Live-streaming video is all the rage right now. And the fact of the matter is that many people will not take the time to watch a 15 minute Facebook Live broadcast. Images Grab Attention They will, however, take 15 seconds to look at a graphic posted on social media. And they might like, comment and …

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