Category: Social Marketing

Apr 27

Tips to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Are you using LinkedIn much? It’s one of the best social media networks for reaching business owners. One of the reasons people aren’t more active on LinkedIn is because they are confused about how to find and interact with people. Use LinkedIn Groups to Attract People to your Profile It’s simple. You can find people …

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Apr 11

Your Social Media Game Plan

Planning is thought before action. In order to leverage social media effectively, you need a game plan. What is a game plan? It is a written document which will guide your efforts on social media. Here’s what you should include in your game plan: 1. Your message 2. How many posts to publish every day …

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Jul 11

Rick Cooper Interview on the Fit Pro Business Podcast

I was featured recently on the Fit Pro Business Podcast hosted by Andy Salazar. Andy Salazar is a Fitness Expert, an Author and a Business Coach for Fitness Trainers. His goal is to provide daily useful sales, marketing, and fitness building tips that are working in the fitness industry and that have helped him build …

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Mar 25

7 Strategies to Attract More Followers on Twitter

I am surprised at how few people are actively using Twitter. There is so much potential to reach people on Twitter and the only drawback is that your messages are limited to 140 characters or less. Some people find Twitter to be a little confusing compared to Facebook. There’s a learning curve just as there …

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Feb 24

Tips to Use Facebook Friend Lists to Create New Engagement

Do you ever scroll through the Facebook Newsfeed and wonder why you keep seeing posts from the same people over and over? Doesn’t it feel like you should be seeing posts from other people, but it’s like they are not even posting? Well, thank you Facebook for hiding people’s posts from view! NOT! The GOOD …

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Dec 01

7 Advanced Social Media Marketing Tactics

Social Media Marketing can be easy or complex. It just depends on what your goals are. If you don’t have expectations for what you want to accomplish, then your social media marketing may be simple. At a certain point though, you might decide that you want to accomplish more using social media. Here are some …

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Oct 22

6 Strategies to Leverage Facebook Groups

One of the secrets to build an effective network on Facebook is to use Facebook Groups. You can find friends, business associates, potential clients and Joint Venture Partners within Facebook Groups. You need a strategy to find Facebook groups, post to them and build relationships. And you need a method to determine when to add …

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Oct 01

Tips to Develop Personal Relationships through Social Media

Is it harder to develop relationships online than offline? Yes it is. When you meet someone in person, you can look into their eyes and talk to them. You can really get a sense of the person. When you meet someone online, you are limited to seeing just what they have posted online. So, if …

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Sep 09

Simple Yet Powerful Strategy to Maximize your Results on Social Media

What are you doing to get results on social media? One of the best ways to build your presence online is by communicating on social media sites like Facebook. Learn a great technique to improve your results on social media to prospect for customers. Click PLAY below to watch this video on Social Media:

Aug 12

Facebook Marketing Tip to Selectively Share Information

Have you ever been concerned that what you are posting on Facebook might be seen by the wrong people? Use this technique and maintain control over your right to privacy. Click here to watch the video: Rick Cooper Online Marketing and Social Media Trainer