Category: Marketing

Apr 12

Strategies to Create Buzz Online: Teasers

How do you get people talking online about your product, service or program? As a small business owner, you need to leverage every resource you have available to create buzz online. First, consider that you should not try to create buzz too often. You can wear out your audience with constant hype. It is best …

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Jan 30

Tips to Plan an Online Marketing Strategy

One of the mistakes small business owners often make is to hesitate before taking action on online marketing strategies. Why do they hesitate? Why Small Business Hesitate to Take Action They want to develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy that will work for now and years to come. Yes, there is a value to doing …

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Mar 29

How to Create an Email Marketing Calendar

Are you convinced of the need to use email marketing in your business? I occasionally talk to business owners who don’t see the value of email marketing. That always surprises me. Your most effective sales efforts will always come from one on one interactions, but if you want to reach people more consistently over time …

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Jul 07

3 Valuable Lessons from a Billionaire

What can you learn from a billionaire? I imagine you can learn a lot. Peter Thiel is an Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist. His net worth was $2.2 billion as of January 2015. He co-founded a little company called PayPal in 1998 along with fellow billionaire Elon Musk and Max Levchin. Thiel acquired a 10.2% …

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Dec 18

The Power of Creating a Sequential Video Marketing Campaign

I want to share an advanced strategy with you. Every year, small business owners decide to start recording videos to post online. It’s a great strategy. It will help to build trust and rapport. Videos can help to generate leads. One day, I was talking to one of my clients who is a Sales Coach. …

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Dec 03

Creating your 2015 Sales and Marketing Plan

We’re almost at the end of the year and it’s time to start planning for 2015. Have you started your sales and marketing plan for the New Year yet? I’ve got an amazing opportunity you don’t want to miss! Introducing my Mentor Eric Lofholm… Eric Lofholm, is one of the top sales trainers in the …

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Oct 09

The Importance of Certainty in your Business

I talk to business owners all the time. And there’s one factor that separates successful business owners from others. It is certainty. Successful business owners are certain about their success. They believe in themselves and the decisions they make. They are optimistic and focused on taking actions to move their business forward. On the other …

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Jul 27

Insider Secrets to Get Publicity

Marketing, advertising, promotion and publicity are all methods to create visibility and get your message out there. It’s a common mistake for small business owners to focus on one area and miss out on other opportunities. One of the least understood methods to generate visibility is through publicity. What’s confusing for most people is that …

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Jul 15

How to Influence People Through Public Speaking

Do you have a message to share with the world? Would you like to use public speaking to attract new clients? As a speaker, I seek out opportunities to speak to groups about online marketing and social media. For the last few years, I have attended meetings of theSacramento Speakers Network. This is an amazing …

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Jun 12

How to Use Videos to Educate Potential Customers

There are many marketing strategies you can implement that create visibility online. One of the simplest strategies to implement that business owners often resist is to create videos. I want to share with you a powerful reason to create a video. You can educate potential customers and clients through this video. This is a great …

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