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Sep 20

Speaker Marketing Tips to Book Interviews

As a public speaker, you should take advantage of every opportunity to speak. Not just at live events, but also through the media as well. One simple, repeatable strategy is to book interviews. Here are 3 reasons Why Interviews Are So Effective: 1. Interviews position you as an expert By simply showing up for an …

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Feb 26

Rick Cooper Interview on Creative Marketing TV with Susan Joy Schleef

Social Media offers an overwhelming number of options. Do you have a plan for how to leverage social media? Watch my recent interview on Creative Marketing TV. Susan Joy Schleef, host of the show, asked me about the importance of creating a social media plan. Click below to watch the video:

Feb 17

Rick Cooper Interviewed on School for Startups Radio

What strategies will drive growth on social media? This is a topic I explored on an interview on School for Startups Radio. Jim Beach, host of the show, asked questions that startup companies want to know about how to build a presence on social media. Click here to listen to the interview About the Host: …

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Dec 02

5 Reasons to Generate Positive Publicity

Strive to Generate Positive Publicity in the Media

As a business owner, one of your goals is to reach more people. You have a message you want to share with the world. That message communicates information about what’s important to you. It’s a message that will attract your ideal clients. And every day, in some way, you want to share that message. What …

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Aug 05

3 Incredible Reasons to do Radio Interviews

Would you like to attract more people online? One of the secrets to get your message out there and reach more people is to use interviews. I have given interviews many times over the years. I was interviewed by world-renowned Marketing and Business Building Expert Jim Palmer on his Stick Like Glue Podcast. I received …

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Jul 11

Rick Cooper Interview on the Fit Pro Business Podcast

I was featured recently on the Fit Pro Business Podcast hosted by Andy Salazar. Andy Salazar is a Fitness Expert, an Author and a Business Coach for Fitness Trainers. His goal is to provide daily useful sales, marketing, and fitness building tips that are working in the fitness industry and that have helped him build …

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