Category: Information Products

Aug 21

Information Product Secrets: Tips to Brainstorm Titles

What is in a name? One of the challenges that often holds coaches and speakers back from creating information products is selecting a title for their product. You see, many people face indecision when selecting a title. Oftentimes, they cannot even start on a product until they feel they have a great title. I think …

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Apr 19

Speaker Marketing Tips: Developing a Bundle

So, you are a public speaker. What do you have to offer potential clients? As a speaker, you have an amazing array of options. All you have to do is utilize your creativity. Are you a creative person? Simply tap into your creativity and create something you can monetize. Let me share a little secret …

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Jan 06

3 Questions to Plan an Information Product

Planning is thought before action. Consider how things would be different if you created an Information Product. Are you interested in positioning yourself as an expert? Launching an Information Product has enormous benefits. Let’s look at a few ideas that will help you get into action to create an Information Product. 3 questions to ask …

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Jun 01

Creating Information Products to Monetize your Expertise

If you want to position yourself as an expert, consider creating an Information Product. It’s a great way to add value and monetize your expertise. I had a great discussion with Anna Scheller, Host of the Black Belt Selling Radio Show. We talked about strategies to leverage your knowledge and convert into a profit center. …

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Jun 10

Simple Tips to Edit an Audio File to Publish Online

Have you ever wondered how to record and edit an audio program? Well, it’s not an easy process, but it is something you can learn if you are interested. There is a free software called Audacity. You can download the software and use it to record and edit audio files. The software has many options …

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Nov 12

How to Use an Information Product to Build Your Client Base

It’s a fact that for business owners that offer a service, they are limited to how much work they can actually do in a day. Of course, you can hire staff to complete the work for you. Any company interested in growing should hire full time or part-time employees or contract out to remote workers. …

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Oct 30

Create Leverage through Audio and Video

How many people can you talk to each day? Some people can talk to up to 20 people a day. Others talk to 100 or more. Unless you have a clone, there is just one of you. Sure, you can have employees and other team members make calls and reach others. You can attend events …

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Oct 09

The Importance of Certainty in your Business

I talk to business owners all the time. And there’s one factor that separates successful business owners from others. It is certainty. Successful business owners are certain about their success. They believe in themselves and the decisions they make. They are optimistic and focused on taking actions to move their business forward. On the other …

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Nov 22

Increase your Profits Using this Business Strategy

I learned about particular business strategy after a year after I started my company in 2003. It has served me well over the years. I keep coming back to this idea to look for ways to optimize my business to increase profits. I encourage you to watch this video now…