Category: Email Marketing

Sep 18

5 Ways to Make your Campaign Emails More Compelling

Email marketing is an effective strategy for adding value. You can send a solo email. Or you can schedule a whole email marketing campaign. Email campaigns allow you to systematically build trust and rapport and share details of an offer or opportunity over time. Here are 5 strategies to create effective campaign emails: 1. Create …

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Apr 05

Tips to Leverage Marketing Swipe Files

When it comes to creating marketing copy, you don’t have to start from scratch. You can find inspiration from your own past marketing efforts. And you can borrow ideas from others. The most common method is by creating a swipe file. Let me give you a simple example. Have you ever been to a trade …

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Mar 24

The Magic of Email Marketing and Why You Need to Build Your Email List

I am still surprised at how few small business owners take advantage of the power of Email Marketing. What’s more powerful than having ongoing access to prospective clients so you can add value, build trust and rapport and lead them to a next step in working with you? Email Marketing is an extremely cost effective …

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Jan 30

Tips to Plan an Online Marketing Strategy

One of the mistakes small business owners often make is to hesitate before taking action on online marketing strategies. Why do they hesitate? Why Small Business Hesitate to Take Action They want to develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy that will work for now and years to come. Yes, there is a value to doing …

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Sep 13

Joint Venture Secrets to Leverage Social Media

Social Media is a great tool for Joint Ventures. You can use social media to find potential Joint Venture (JV) Partners. You can build and maintain JV relationships through social media. And you can even coordinate JV’s using social media. It starts with a mindset for developing Joint Venture relationships. One mental block that people …

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Sep 07

How to Create an Effective Call to Action in your Email Messages

One of my favorite online marketing strategies is email marketing. Why do I like email marketing? Here are a Few Reasons to Use Email Marketing: 1. Email is ubiquitous Everyone has an email account and many people have multiple email accounts. 2. People check email every day Most people have a habit of checking their …

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Mar 29

How to Create an Email Marketing Calendar

Are you convinced of the need to use email marketing in your business? I occasionally talk to business owners who don’t see the value of email marketing. That always surprises me. Your most effective sales efforts will always come from one on one interactions, but if you want to reach people more consistently over time …

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Feb 14

Powerful Techniques to Process Email and Achieve Inbox Zero

Are you facing email overwhelm? In today’s information age, people are overloaded and struggling with the burden of technology. Yes, technology creates a burden. In this powerful audio program, learn tips to handle email quickly and effectively. Listen to my audio program on Powerful Techniques to Process Email and Achieve Inbox Zero… Right-click here to …

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Jun 25

Tips to Follow Up on New Leads

There are two very important things you need to do in your business. Take care of customers. Follow up with prospects. It’s that simple, you see. But, for whatever reason, business owners tend to get sidetracked. They tend to focus on everything else, except that which will most bring more money in the door. What …

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