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May 03

8 Excellent Strategies to Accomplish your Dreams and Live an Amazing Life

You are an amazing person and you are capable of so much! Are you living up to your full potential? There is a value in getting very clear about your goals and dreams and then taking action to accomplish them. Download a copy of Rick Cooper’s Free Audio Program on 8 Excellent Strategies to Accomplish …

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Mar 05

Tips to Leverage Audio Online to Attract Clients

Would like to create more content to add value and attract clients? Recording audio is quick and easy. You can leverage audio in your business in multiple ways. Click below to watch the video now: The video above was recorded live on Periscope. Click here to visit my Periscope page online.

Jun 10

Simple Tips to Edit an Audio File to Publish Online

Have you ever wondered how to record and edit an audio program? Well, it’s not an easy process, but it is something you can learn if you are interested. There is a free software called Audacity. You can download the software and use it to record and edit audio files. The software has many options …

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