November 2016 archive

Nov 30

The World Is Out to Help You

What is your mindset about the way the world works? For some people, they believe that the world is out to get them. They look at the world as if it is a “zero sum game.” In other words, for them to win, they feel like someone else has to lose. That attitude in turn …

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Nov 11

10 Props to Spice Up Your Online Videos

How many videos have you recorded and published on YouTube in the last 90 days? If the answer is zero, then you need to step up your game. Small businesses are increasingly turning to video, both live stream and recorded, to reach their ideal clients online. If you want more clients, then you need a …

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Nov 02

4 Tips for Posting LinkedIn Updates

Did you realize that LinkedIn has a newsfeed just like Facebook? You can post updates and people can like, comment and share. Surprisingly, very few people actually make use of this valuable feature. Not only that, some of your activity on LinkedIn will also appear in the newsfeed. So, what should you post on LinkedIn? …

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