August 2016 archive

Aug 24

Making Social Media Graphics

I love tapping into my creativity. Sometimes I challenge myself in order to keep me on my toes. For example, just recently, I emailed clients in my Social Media and Online Networking Mastery Program and offered to create a social media graphic for them at no charge. I normally charge for this service. According to …

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Aug 18

5 Tips to Get Into Flow Online

How effective are you? I mean on a day to day basis, are you generating the results you want? I think one factor which influences your ability to get results is whether you can get into flow. What is flow? It’s a powerful concept tied to peak performance. Peak performance starts with identifying the activities …

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Aug 03

Double your Blog Posts in the Next 86 Days

They say that Content is King. Content is information that adds value. Creating content positions you as an expert and attracts clients online. Are you a blogger? If not, what are you waiting for? This is not a time to be squeamish! Roll up your sleeves and dive in. Let’s do this thing! The key …

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