July 2015 archive

Jul 29

Rick Cooper Talks about Video Marketing on Black Belt Selling Radio

Social Media Marketing Expert Rick Cooper was featured on Black Belt Selling Radio on Friday, July 31st 2015 at 10:30am Pacific. The show is hosted by Anna and Stephanie Scheller. About Anna Scheller: Anna Scheller is a dynamic speaker with a heart to help people create more sales. As an educator for over 20 years, …

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Jul 25

Leveraging the Power of Video to Generate Leads Online

It’s amazing how few small business owners are tapping into the power of video to attract new clients. It’s a great strategy for lead generation. And let’s face, every business needs more leads. Watch my Video Now to Learn More about Leveraging Video How many videos do you watch each week? If you are like …

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Jul 17

Jim Rohn Video Explains the Seasons of Life

One of my favorite speakers is the late Jim Rohn. He was an amazing inspiration. One of the great lessons he taught was the Seasons of Life. In fact, he wrote a book about it. He explained how Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall relate to your life. It is a story of inspiration and hope. …

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Jul 11

Rick Cooper Interview on the Fit Pro Business Podcast

I was featured recently on the Fit Pro Business Podcast hosted by Andy Salazar. Andy Salazar is a Fitness Expert, an Author and a Business Coach for Fitness Trainers. His goal is to provide daily useful sales, marketing, and fitness building tips that are working in the fitness industry and that have helped him build …

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Jul 08

Tips to Identify Failure Points in Your Business and How to Overcome Them

There are areas in your business where you are likely to fail. Do you know what they are? Taking time to evaluate your business systems might reveal potential problems and allow you to improve them. I call these areas failure points. Here’s a quick story to explain the point. One day, I went shopping for …

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Jul 07

3 Valuable Lessons from a Billionaire

What can you learn from a billionaire? I imagine you can learn a lot. Peter Thiel is an Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist. His net worth was $2.2 billion as of January 2015. He co-founded a little company called PayPal in 1998 along with fellow billionaire Elon Musk and Max Levchin. Thiel acquired a 10.2% …

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