March 2015 archive

Mar 25

7 Strategies to Attract More Followers on Twitter

I am surprised at how few people are actively using Twitter. There is so much potential to reach people on Twitter and the only drawback is that your messages are limited to 140 characters or less. Some people find Twitter to be a little confusing compared to Facebook. There’s a learning curve just as there …

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Mar 17

Viral Marketing Strategies for Social Media

Traditional advertising such as radio, TV and newpaper ads are expensive. And their results are limited. Social media is inexpensive and has great potential. One advantage of social media is that it can create viral marketing. Viral marketing is getting other people to share your message. Think of a viral video. How is it that …

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Mar 10

Increasing the Value of your Social Network

If I looked into my crystal ball to predict the future, I believe that I would see that 3 years from now people will value social media a lot more than they do today. When something is free, people tend to undervalue it. You probably don’t realize how powerful your social network is and much …

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Mar 03

Simple Tips to Process your Email Quickly to Reach Inbox Zero

Are you facing email overwhelm? In today’s information age, people are overloaded and struggling with the burden of technology. Yes, technology creates a burden. As a marketer, I am concerned with writing effective and persuasive emails that get through and are read. As a consumer, I am interested in managing my email so it doesn’t …

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