February 2015 archive

Feb 24

Tips to Use Facebook Friend Lists to Create New Engagement

Do you ever scroll through the Facebook Newsfeed and wonder why you keep seeing posts from the same people over and over? Doesn’t it feel like you should be seeing posts from other people, but it’s like they are not even posting? Well, thank you Facebook for hiding people’s posts from view! NOT! The GOOD …

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Feb 17

How to Use Articles to Get More Visitors to your Website

Would you like to get more visitors to your website? A simple technique to increase traffic to your site is to write articles. An article contains about 400 to 600 words and should focus on a topic that appeals to your ideal clients. You can post your articles on an Article Directory like EzineArticles.com. Here …

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Feb 10

Leveraging the Power of Consistency in your Marketing

Are you following a consistent strategy to build your business? Or do you have a hit and miss strategy? Unfortunately for many business owners, they are not marketing their business consistently. Take a look at your bottom line results. Are you achieving your goals or falling short? Improving Marketing Results If you want to improve …

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Feb 03

Keeping up with the Competition

We are facing global competition, the likes of which we have never seen. As a smaller business owner, you not only have to worry about competing against the business down the street, but the business across the world. Many business owners are seeing that first hand. The fact is that you can’t afford not to …

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