May 2011 archive

May 24

Social Media Tips to Network Online

Social Media offers huge potential to market your business online. But, that doesn't mean you should just spam people. You need to connect, develop relationships and add value. In this video I share several critical ideas to help you leverage social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Watch this Video Now! Rick Cooper Online Marketing …

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May 24

Twitter Tip to Create Social Currency


Twitter is a great tool for people who want to attract clients and find joint venture partners. I’ve heard a lot of feedback that some people don’t really understand Twitter or how to use it. Are you clear about you can leverage Twitter? One of the ways I use Twitter is to search for people …

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May 23

Persuasion and Influence Strategy from Eric Lofholm

If you want to increase sales, then you need to improve your persuasion and influence skills. I’d like to share one of the best ideas I learned from my sales mentor Eric Lofholm. This strategy will help you get more referrals and reach hundreds of new prospective clients in very little time. Watch this Video …

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May 22

Build a Community Online

Social media allows you to create a community online. Position yourself as an expert and you will attract people to you. People are drawn to experts. They seek knowledge and enlightenment. They want answers. And they’re excited to be around people who are up to big things. There are several ways to build a community …

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May 20

Using Email to Build Trust and Rapport

Email marketing is a powerful tool to build trust and rapport. I just recorded a great video to share a few valuable ideas you can implement immediately. Watch this Video Now!   Rick Cooper Online Marketing and Social Media Trainer

May 12

Use GoogleDocs to Write Blog Content – Part 1


GoogleDocs is a great tool for writing and tracking blog content. I have used a lot of strategies to write blog posts. I’d like to share some of these methods so you can learn from them. Methods to write blog posts: -Typepad/Wordpress The disadvantage of this method is that you end up with a lot …

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May 07

The Power of Simplicity

Think about your marketing. What are you doing that’s repeatable and duplicatable? There is a power in simplicity. Too often we try to make things too complex. This is bad. You will be much more likely to repeat something that is simple. When I coach clients, I’m often surprised at how much they are doing …

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May 04

Launch a Marketing Campaign


I love marketing. And one of my favorite aspects of marketing is the ability to create a campaign. What is a marketing campaign? In essence, it’s a project with a goal. There is a start and an end. You track your results and compare them to your goals. Here are a few examples of marketing …

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