April 2010 archive

Apr 27

Write an Article to Position Yourself as an Expert

Article Writing

Looking for a great way to begin positioning yourself as an expert? Write an article! This is a quick and easy strategy to begin adding value to attract clients. People want to know that you are knowledgeable before they work with you. Show them. As an author and a speaker, I have developed a body …

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Apr 20

Success Secrets: Tips to Comeback from a Loss

One of the secrets to success is to improve your ability to comeback from a loss. Business is a mix of ups and downs. Sometimes you’re rising. Sometimes you’re falling. It takes persistence, hard work and effort to stay on track and reach the level of success you want. In the current economy, many people …

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Apr 19

Use Audio to Attract Clients

Use Audio to Attract Client

One of the easiest and most fun Attraction Marketing strategies is the use of audio. You can quickly and easily create an audio recording. You can share tips and strategies that provide value and create an audience that wants to learn more. All you need is a microphone, a computer and software to edit the …

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Apr 18

Reach out to your Network

Grow Network

One of the most valuable assets you have in your business is your network. Your network includes anyone you know, whether they are an acquaintance, an associate, a client or a friend. You have a network, whether you look at it that way or not. There is value in your network. There is the possibility …

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Apr 12

Social Networking Tips to Leverage Twitter

Tips to Leverage Twitter

Twitter is an amazing tool which can allow you to connect with people across the world. You can attract clients, find joint venture partners and reach out to connectors and other influential people. Many people have tried Twitter and given up. This is a mistake. It’s a very powerful tool and one of its strengths …

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