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The challenge for most entrepreneurs is that they do not have a clear plan of action when it comes to marketing their business.

Business owners often end up spending too much money on expensive and ineffective strategies. Instead they often miss out on more effective and less expensive strategies.

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Spotlighting People on Social Media

A simple yet powerful technique to create goodwill and produce many benefits is to spotlight people on social media. People love attention. They love recognition. So, why not give people what they want. This is a simple technique and yet so few people do it. Twitter Spotlight A great example of this technique is the …

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How to Build Virtual Rapport Online

The challenge many face online today is that there are so many people to connect with, it can be very overwhelming to know what to do to build relationships. And for most small business owners, whatever they choose to do tends to be “hit and miss”. They often do not consistently implement a strategy. Build …

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Tips to Repurpose Speaker Content

As a public speaker, you are a fountain of knowledge. And knowledge leads to content. Whenever you speak, pearls of wisdom pour forth. Or, as least, that’s the assumption. I want you to become prolific when it comes to creating content. I want you to get into action and publish something valuable online. Here are …

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Tips to Create a High-Converting Lead Magnet to Attract Clients

Would you like to generate more leads online? The key to generating a new lead online is to create a valuable lead magnet that will attract your ideal clients. And be sure to create a Lead Magnet that converts, meaning that a higher percentage of people that visit your Lead Capture Page opt in to …

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