Dec 30

Why You Fail to Achieve your Goals and How to Improve your Return on Investment

how-to-improve-your-return-on-investmentHave you set some big goals for yourself?

Do you feel motivated to accomplish your goals?

Let’s set aside the motivation to accomplish your goals and instead focus on the aspect of getting things done.

The Problem

Anyone can set a big goal. Few people will actually follow through and complete it.

Instead, they whine about it. They procrastinate. They allow themselves to be distracted. And they ultimately fail in accomplishing their goal.

How disappointing is that?

Failing to Achieve your Goals

Check in with yourself.

How many goals did you set in the last year that you didn’t achieve?

How many projects did you start that are sitting there 50% complete, 80% complete or worse only 20% complete?

This is all too common and it’s not good for your business.

Consider your ROI

How often do you think about your ROI?

I’m talking about your Return on Investment.

Whether you invest your time, your money or both, you should strive to improve your ROI.

For example, let’s say you set a goal to create an Information Product. You invest 20 hours to work on the product and reach 80% completion. Until you complete that last 20%, you will not earn any ROI.

You invested the time, but you will not receive a Return on your Investment because you didn’t complete the project. You didn’t achieve your goal.

And that’s a big goal. Consider all of the small goals you failed to achieve.

Some people will delay completion for a few months or even a few years. Until they reach 100% completion, the time and money they invested is wasted. And some will never complete the project. It will sit on the shelf indefinitely.

Maybe your goal was to send one email to your list each week. But week after week, you fail to follow through. You don’t send the email.

Again, another disappointment.

It starts to stack up over time.

What Causes You to Fail

There are many causes for failure:

-Picking the wrong goals
-Not feeling motivated
-No accountability
-Health crisis
-Lack of focus
-Feeling overwhelmed
-Easily distracted
-Solving other people’s problems
-Death in the family
-Too many competing priorities
-Not sure what to do next

The reality of the situation is that success is difficult.

You may feel like you need to make huge progress in a day to be successful. More often, you simply need to complete a few important tasks every day consistently over time to create the life of your dreams.

In every moment, you have an opportunity to make the right choice. You have an opportunity to do the right thing. And that is usually to work on your most important goals.

Success requires discipline.

It requires tenacity.

It requires focus

Your Desire to Succeed

When it comes down to it, many small business owners just don’t have what it takes to be successful.

They are not willing to endure the pain required to accomplish their goals.

Day after day, they fail to take action.

Day after day, they fail to plan.

Day after day, they fail to focus on their top priorities.

And day after day, they are disappointed with their results.

It’s one thing to do the right things and not get the result you expect. It’s another thing to not take the right actions and wonder what happened.

How much do you want to achieve your goals?

How much do you want to be successful?

What will that success bring you?

Are you willing to do the work?

If so, then get to it!

Rick Cooper
Online Marketing and Social Media Trainer


  1. Great blog. The “Your Desire to Succeed” part was the most meaningful part for me. I need to strengthen my “WHY”. That will improve my performance.

  2. Hi Thomas. Thanks for your comment.

    A lot of small business owners struggle with the same thing. You need to become a master at completing high priority tasks in a short amount of time. Work in bursts to get tasks done.

    Light a fire under you to get things done!

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