Mar 24

The Magic of Email Marketing and Why You Need to Build Your Email List

I am still surprised at how few small business owners take advantage of the power of Email Marketing.

What’s more powerful than having ongoing access to prospective clients so you can add value, build trust and rapport and lead them to a next step in working with you?

Email Marketing is an extremely cost effective solution for small business owners trying to grow their business online.

Sophisticated Email Marketing tools give you a high degree of automation that can create and support sustainable Online Marketing systems to generate leads and earn sales.

The only question is when are you going to get started.

Still on the fence?

Here are 3 Reasons to Build your Email List:

1. It takes time to build relationships

One of the mistakes that small business owners make is expecting to be able to earn a sale too quickly.

Sure, you will have some instances where people learn about what you do and then say, “I need that.” However, the other 99% of the time, that doesn’t work.

You need a simple, cost-effective way to stay in touch with people over time.

Email marketing allows you to implement a drip marketing strategy where you add value over time.

And that also gives you a chance to build relationships.

Remember that people do business with people they know, like and trust.

How can you expect to just pick up the phone and call a person a few times a year and try to sell them over the phone. You haven’t done anything to earn the right to ask for a sale.

And that assumes you have the guts to actually pick up the phone and follow up with people. Many don’t!

2. Creates referral opportunities

One reason people often overlook for building an email list is that it creates referral opportunities.

People love to share. When they find someone who adds value or a great company, they are happy to share them with friends.

You need to create opportunities for other people to share you.

This is a powerful strategy.

What is holding you back from accomplishing this?

How many referrals would you like to receive each week?

What actions are you taking to create spontaneous referrals?

Think about it!

3. People need to see multiple offers

Another reason why you need to keep reaching out to people is that you are faced with a conundrum.

If you have a mix of products and services, let’s say, 10 products for the sake of simplicity, then you will have trouble introducing your products without overwhelming people.

Remember that the confused mind doesn’t buy. If you talk to someone and say, ‘I have these 10 products, which one do you want?” They won’t know what to select. They’ll say something like, “Let me think about it.” Or, “I don’t need any right now.” The decision is too complicated. You wasted your opportunity.

A better approach is to let people know about each product, one at a time, over time. Allow them to think about it, process it and make a decision one by one.

Part of the process of marketing is to create desire for your products and services. If you overwhelm them, they won’t have an opportunity.

Email Marketing Builds Relationships and Creates Sales Opportunities

The fact of the matter is that Email Marketing is still one of the most effective ways of consistently communicating with prospective clients.

It allows you to create a personal connection with people and communicate your value proposition.

Email Marketing has the potential to create a two way dialogue with prospects.

You can leverage email to quickly get the word out about an upcoming event, product launch or announcement.

Email Marketing can have a magical effect in being able to systemically develop new relationships, educate prospects about your products and services, generate new referrals and lead people to buy from you.

What is your plan to leverage Email Marketing?

Get started on it now.

Rick Cooper
Online Marketing and Social Media Trainer