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Oct 21

Tips to Generate More Sales Online

Are you making money online? Or, do you struggle with trying to generate sales on the internet? Sometimes online marketing can seem like a bit of a mystery. It’s easy to slap something together quickly and post it online. But, do you think it’s really going to generate the same results as a well-planned strategy? …

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Jun 29

Sharing Content to Demonstrate your Expertise

Sharing Content to Demonstrate

When you declare yourself an expert, the next step is to begin creating content. Experts are knowledgeable. They have information and want to share it with others. Some of the more advanced marketing strategies all depend on having content. Public speaking, teleseminars, webinars and information products all depend on having great content to be effective. …

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May 04

Launch a Marketing Campaign


I love marketing. And one of my favorite aspects of marketing is the ability to create a campaign. What is a marketing campaign? In essence, it’s a project with a goal. There is a start and an end. You track your results and compare them to your goals. Here are a few examples of marketing …

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