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Jan 06

3 Questions to Plan an Information Product

Planning is thought before action. Consider how things would be different if you created an Information Product. Are you interested in positioning yourself as an expert? Launching an Information Product has enormous benefits. Let’s look at a few ideas that will help you get into action to create an Information Product. 3 questions to ask …

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Mar 05

Tips to Leverage Audio Online to Attract Clients

Would like to create more content to add value and attract clients? Recording audio is quick and easy. You can leverage audio in your business in multiple ways. Click below to watch the video now: The video above was recorded live on Periscope. Click here to visit my Periscope page online.

Nov 12

How to Use an Information Product to Build Your Client Base

It’s a fact that for business owners that offer a service, they are limited to how much work they can actually do in a day. Of course, you can hire staff to complete the work for you. Any company interested in growing should hire full time or part-time employees or contract out to remote workers. …

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Apr 19

Use Audio to Attract Clients

Use Audio to Attract Client

One of the easiest and most fun Attraction Marketing strategies is the use of audio. You can quickly and easily create an audio recording. You can share tips and strategies that provide value and create an audience that wants to learn more. All you need is a microphone, a computer and software to edit the …

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