Sep 16

Networking Secrets to Prospect for Customers at Events

Happy people talking and networking.Event marketing is one of the most effective ways to develop rapid relationships with potential customers and clients. And this is especially true for 2-3 day events.

For some business owners, this is one of their primary marketing strategies. They are professional event attenders. They find that they can reach a lot of their ideal clients by attending events.

Todd Lay is a bookkeeper. He attends 8 or more events a month and regularly travels out of town to attend events where he can meet business owners. He is also a connector and looks for opportunities to introduce people to possible clients and referral partners.

So, what are some strategies to use events to reach new customers?

Here are several proven strategies to leverage events to build your business:

1) Make a list of upcoming events

What events can you attend where you will find your ideal customers? Look for local networking events, seminars, workshops, boot camp events, conferences and retreats. Each event offers a possible opportunity for networking and learning.

Plan ahead. Check event calendars months in advance. If possible, plan several trips a year to other cities. This will give you an opportunity to develop your network in other geographic areas. Think to yourself where do you want to be doing business one year from now.

2) Contact people prior to event through social media

Your work begins not once you arrive at an event. It starts prior to even going to event. I attended a meeting of the Sacramento Speakers Network recently. I met Tayce Vogel. We were friends on Facebook, but we hadn’t met in person yet. She said, “you’re on my list to meet tonight.” She did her homework.

Who do want to meet? Would you benefit from spending some time reviewing who will be attending the event? Social media makes it easy.

3) Develop relationships and follow up

I love 2 day boot camp events. This is one of the best opportunities to develop lasting relationships. Be sure to network with people in the evenings. Great relationships are developed when you have a chance to sit down and break bread with people.

What events can you attend that will improve your skills and connect with amazing people?

Take some time to register for upcoming events and get out and network!