Aug 21

Information Product Secrets: Tips to Brainstorm Titles

What is in a name?

One of the challenges that often holds coaches and speakers back from creating information products is selecting a title for their product.

You see, many people face indecision when selecting a title.

Oftentimes, they cannot even start on a product until they feel they have a great title.

I think that’s a mistake. Here’s my advice. Start by selecting a working title. Pick something that will work for right now. Then, get started on the product. That way, you will make progress.

A title will often emerge as part of the Product Creation process.

Let me share some ideas with you to create a great title.

There are several different approaches. You can select a title that explains exactly what you are offering. Or, you can pick something that is a little more ambiguous.

Also think about the possibility of branding your title and using it to create other products.

Jay Conrad Levinson created a very successful brand around the topic of Guerrilla Marketing. He started with a book and then built an empire around that one topic.

You can choose short titles or long titles. Short titles are often more memorable but you have to assign and communicate the value proposition so that people understand what it means.

Here are 4 Tips to Create an Amazing Product Title:

1. Use a number in the title

Think of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the bestselling book by Stephen Covey.

People like to know that there are a specific number of ideas they need to learn.

Try experimenting with a title using a number. At least, it will give you a different perspective. You can always use a number in the sub-title.

2. Pick memorable keywords

The title of your Information Product should be unique. It should easy to remember. And it should utilize keywords that people who would benefit from your product might search on.

Some of the best titles are often short. Gary Vaynerchuk wrote the best-seller Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion. Notice the title is only two words “Crush It” but the sub-title is longer and more descriptive. Plus, the title is also a subtle reference to his Wine Library TV site where he shared videos published on YouTube. He managed his parents wine distribution business for many years. Of course, crushing grapes is the beginning step in making wine. And the harvest season is often called Crush.

3. Add a sub-title

Books often have sub-titles. This is especially helpful when the title itself is short.

If you choose a title that is ambiguous, a sub-title can help to explain the value proposition.

That takes a little pressure off your title by allowing yourself to create a sub-title to explain your title.

4. Include a benefit in the title

One of the all-time favorite business books is Think and Grow Rich. The benefit in the title is to grow rich. The book appeals to those who want to make more money and build wealth. That’s a pretty big market.

It’s a short title and really says it all. It’s clear this is a book about Mindset and Money.

I would encourage you to create a Swipe File for book titles. Those are the easiest to find. This can help as you begin to consider and contemplate creation of your next Information Product.

Don’t worry too much about selecting the perfect title. That will only hold you back from making progress. Don’t get bogged down early in the process.

Come up with a few titles. Picking a working title and move forward.

Have an idea for an Information Product? Email me now with your idea.

Rick Cooper
Online Marketing and Social Media Trainer

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