Aug 28

Educate First Before Selling

Educate_First_Before_SellingI love sales and marketing. It’s one of my passions in life. And I love sharing ideas with people to provide an opportunity to experience a transformation that can improve their results.

I learned an idea from my mentor Eric Lofholm a few years ago that sums up this sentiment. He said educate first before selling. It’s an interesting concept. Education provides the chance to share something that can have impact on someone’s life.

Earning a sale becomes an extension of the education process. The question for you is what can you do to educate prospects? This is not rocket science.

Position Yourself As An Expert

This conversation becomes easier if you have positioned yourself an expert. As an expert, part of your role is to educate people. Let’s face it, people love experts. And as an expert, you have the ability to influence people.

What steps can you take to educate people? Take action now to start the process.

Rick Cooper
Online Marketing Expert


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  1. I agree – what a great idea, Rick! As Maya Angelou says, “When you learn…teach.” Everyone benefits!

  2. Well, if they see you act as a professional, you’ll earn their trust and they will believe. Not everything comes that easy, so better put some hard work to it. After all, it feels great to be an expert. Cheers!

  3. Absolutely! Thanks for sharing Barbara!

  4. Hi Matthew. Good point. There is a learning curve to take the knowledge you have, catalog it, and learn to present it in a professional, educational manner.

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