Dec 22

Defining your Niche Market

Niche Market
Do you have a niche market? Have you clearly defined who you’re trying to reach?

I enjoy talking to people who are trying to get clear on who they want to serve. Many entrepreneurs have not taken enough time to really define their niche market. And instead, their message doesn’t really communicate effectively to anyone in particular. Coaches, speakers and experts need to get very clear about their ideal clients in order to attract them.

Here are three quick ideas to help you define your niche market:

Who do you serve?

Get clear about your ideal client. Think about who you want to serve. What are the demographics of your ideal client? What is their gender? How old are they? What are they interested in? What challenges do they struggle with?

Get Clear About Your Ideal Client!

What problems do you solve?

Are you an expert? Do you specialize in solving a particular problem? Do you offer specific solutions to people’s problems? What type of problems do you enjoy solving?

Think of one person who is your perfect client.

One of the best exercises is to envision one person who best symbolizes your ideal client. Get very clear about what that person looks like and acts like. How do they dress? What is their attitude? What are they trying to accomplish? Now, when you sit down to write an email message to your list, think of that person!

Rick Cooper
Online Marketing and Social Media Trainer


  1. Identifying your ideal client is definitely an important step. One thing that helped me was to write a “welcome letter” to that one person you mentioned, as if they were joining my community. It helped me get clear about who they were and what they want from me. But I am still struggling to find out where they hang out and how to connect with them, how to get them to raise their hands and say “I want to hear about what you have to offer.”

  2. But, Rick, I want to serve everyone. As much as I recognize and teach – that it is important to laser focus on your perfect client, I find it very difficult to actually narrow it down. I have several perfect clients so rather than make myself crazy(ier), I chose one and am focusing on that for now and later on will focus on other.

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