Oct 30

Create Leverage through Audio and Video

Leverage Audio and VideoHow many people can you talk to each day?

Some people can talk to up to 20 people a day. Others talk to 100 or more.

Unless you have a clone, there is just one of you.

Sure, you can have employees and other team members make calls and reach others.

You can attend events and meet a mot of people at once. Or you can sit down for coffee one person at a time.

Do you have a message to share with the world?

If you want to share a message and develop trust and rapport with clients and prospects, then you need to find a way to communicate with people more often.

There are only so many people people you can talk to each day.

Leverage Audio and Video to Reach More People

To get even more leverage, you need to use audio and video to reach more people more often.

Did you realize it’s easy to create an audio program?

It’s easy and it’s fun.

I encourage you to set a goal now to create an audio program in the next 90 days.

Another great tool is video. You can sit down in front of a camera for 3 minutes and create an online video.

5 minutes later, your video can be posted on YouTube and you can share it on social media.

Implement Faster and More Consistently

There is a speed to marketing. When you have an idea, you need to be fast to implement.

Unfortunately, I see that a lot of business owners are slow to implement.

Set a goal now to create an online video in the next week and post it online.

Rick Cooper
Online Marketing and Social Media Trainer